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Molok establishes subsidiary in France

Molok France is the company’s first subsidiaryMolok

Finnish waste collection company Molok has established a French subsidiary called Molok France in order to provide solutions for the emerging needs of biowaste collection locally.

Molok France will focus on making sorting and recycling closer to source easier and more effective.

“The French deep collection market is the biggest in Europe and we want to be present in the market in order to serve our customers better,” said sales director Samuli Moilanen.

Molok’s product portfolio is suitable for both urban and rural areas and can be used to collect all waste fractions easily, efficiently and economically. “Our solutions can also be used to establish an incentive-based pricing systems for waste collection, ‘Polluter Pays’ so to speak,” Moilanen added.

Molok is the inventor of the deep collection method and the leading company in the market that has developed around it.

In addition to Finland, Molok has export sales to over 40 countries, with the volume of exports steadily growing. The company has also been making inroads in Africa, as we discovered in our 2015 feature article.

Published on 07.02.2019