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Meru Health’s digital therapy studied in California

The Meru Health Ascend Program includes live visits with therapists, behavioural techniques and mindfulness exercises, and anonymous group conversations. Credits: : Meru Health

Finnish company Meru Health’s app-based digital depression therapy programme will be evaluated by researchers at Stanford Medicine and VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

According to Mobi Health News, researchers will conduct a two-year investigation on the acceptability, safety, feasibility and preliminary efficacy of Meru Health’s digital depression therapy.

The research programme will consist of two studies.

In the first one, around 70 adults aged at least 40 years will be recruited to trial the eight-week Meru Health Ascend Program. The app-based guided course includes live visits with a Meru Health therapist, daily exercises to develop behavioural techniques and mindfulness skills, as well as group conversations with anonymous peers.

Based on the results from the first study, the second 12-week version of the programme is to act as a proof of concept and is expected to be completed on 30 July 2020.

The studies will allow Meru Health to further validate its digital mental health programme and gain an advantage over other health apps. The programme has previously been piloted among physicians at risk of burnout or depression and among Finnish students.

Published on 01.02.2019