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Instant food production trialled in Finland

The mini cupcake factory enables on-site production of personalised, healthy snacks.VTT

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created a mini cupcake factory prototype to demonstrate hyper-personalised and instant food production.

The cupcake machine produces fresh cupcakes according to the user’s individual ethical and dietary needs in a matter of minutes. The feasibility of the machine was demonstrated in VTT’s self-funded project.

“Cakes and cupcakes are one of the most popular indulgent foods but usually with poor nutritional profile,” said research professor Nesli Sözer from VTT. “We don’t need to end our love affair with indulgent foods, we just need to reshape and at the same time include also healthier notes.”

VTT’s usability test indicated that consumers find the machine helpful and associate it with added value. The products’ freshness and the easy-to-use machine were appreciated in the trial.

The trial explored the food-industry trend of customers looking for more personalised products. Companies will eventually need to serve a more heterogeneous pool of tastes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The freshness of the cupcakes received kudos in the project. Image: VTT


By: Samuli Ojala