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HUONE has designs on Copenhagen business

HUONE helps to transform the Amager Strand property into a full-service business hub with 20 creative meeting rooms designed to maximise the meeting experience. HUONE

Finnish events hotel startup HUONE expands to Copenhagen to provide creative meeting spaces and building services to the Amager Strand business hub.

Helsinki-based HUONE International signed a deal with the PFA Pension, the owner of the newly completed Amager Strand meeting and event venue near Copenhagen Airport.

The business hub is scheduled to open in spring 2019 and will further develop the new concept launched by HUONE last year in Kamppi, Helsinki, where it powers all key functions of commercial properties.

Amager Strand is managed by Danish family-owned Thylander Group, whose technical asset manager Kim Revald commented: “When creating the Amager Strand business community, we wanted a design solution that maximised the individual characteristics of this former industrial location.”

“Secondly, we needed to choose the right blend of tenants for the space, as they would form the heart of the business community itself,” Revald continued. “Finally, we needed a full-service partner to power the possibilities of this multi-use building. By working with HUONE, we get all of the above.”

HUONE started its internationalisation in Singapore in 2016, and it already serves thousands of business meeting customers across three venues in Helsinki and Singapore.

Founder and CEO of HUONE, Evon Söderlund. Image: HUONE

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Published on 21.03.2019