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HipFire Games raises EUR 180K for new VR title

HipFire Games’ first game title will be a portable VR adventure in space. HipFire Games

Finnish game developer Hipfire Games has raised additional funding of 180 000 euros towards its debut virtual reality (VR) and mobile cross-platform game, Fail Space.

Helsinki-based Hipfire Games raised the funding from Sisu Game Ventures and Business Finland, as well as four undisclosed angel investors from the game industry.

Fail Space is a high-intensity VR multiplayer game where up to four players operate a space truck delivering packages across the galaxy, all the while the truck gets pelted by asteroids and catastrophic malfunctions occur all around.

“Hipfire’s long-term focus is firmly on creating a diverse portfolio of multiplayer games and refining our technology that will easily allow players with different types of devices to join game sessions of players using high-end or stand-alone VR devices,” Hipfire Games CEO Antti Sartanen told PocketGamer.biz. “We’re proud to add such great backers on top of our previous investors, including Techstars and Nordic XR Startups.”

According to the PocketGamer.bizreport, the fresh funding will offer HipFire Games financial support for the next nine to 12 months as it prepares for the launch of Fail Space.

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Published on 01.03.2019