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Fondia opens office in Lithuania

Fondia team and management members taking a stroll in the Baltics where the company is gaining a firmer foothold. Fondia

Finnish law firm Fondia will open a new office in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius in order to strengthen its position in the Baltic market and speed up its growth.

Fondia is the largest non-bar law firm in the Nordic region, which utilises new service models and technologies in the legal field. Its main product is Legal Department as a Service (LDaaS), an outsourced legal service tailored to the needs of companies.

The Finnish firm has over 160 employees and is headquartered in Helsinki, with offices also in seven other Finnish cities, as well as in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, and in Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden, where it recently acquired Swedish law firm Jansson & Norin (J & N).

“Fondia keeps growing and internationalising in accordance with our strategy,” said Kirsi Untala, interim CEO and CFO of Fondia. “The model of continuous legal support, LDaaS, has reached a significant [level of] interest in the Baltics. [By] opening an office in the market already covered by our Baltic operations team, we are able to answer the growing interest for legal department services and offer them in full scale to our customers in Lithuania.”

Published on 08.01.2019