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Finnish Tracy AI startup closes big deal in Canada

The Women on the Move business accelerator will support women entrepreneurs reach significant revenues with the help of Tracy AI.Women on the Move / Facebook

The Finnish company behind an artificial intelligence sales coaching tool, Tracy AI, has launched a collaboration with a Canadian business accelerator for women.

Aiming to support 10 000 women entrepreneurs to reach one million in revenues in 3–5 years, the Women on the Move accelerator has turned to the Finnish AI-based solution for a scalable and cost-efficient way to offer personalised, effective sales coaching.

Tracy AI will first be piloted by 200–300 women entrepreneurs between April and July, before rolling it out to the whole network of 4 000 entrepreneurs.

“Only two per cent of women entrepreneurs reach a million in their entrepreneurial ventures,” said Women on the Move’s CEO, Heather Gamble, in a press release. “The biggest problem usually comes down to the big S-word – sales! The most common case is that their business is stuck somewhere in 30 000–50 000-dollar-range in [terms of] revenues. This causes them to struggle, strain and experience unnecessary day-to-day stress.”

Tracy AI utilises natural-language processing technology that will engage the entrepreneurs in daily coaching sessions. By discussing sales topics, the AI-based chatbot will assess their skill sets and identify crucial bottlenecks in sales.

“The partnership with Women on the Move includes daily coaching sessions with our solution and we support the learning process by delivering personalised coaching via webinars that target especially the weak points that were identified using Tracy AI,” said Juho Isola from Tracy AI.

Published on 25.03.2019