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Finnish stamp awarded as world’s best

Jari Hakala captured the picture that formed the basis for the winning stamp in the Turku Archipelago.Posti / Jari Hakala / Stiina Holvi

A Finnish nature-themed postage stamp was awarded as the Best Stamp of the World at the International Nexofil Awards.

Designed by Stiina Hovi and based on a photograph by Jari Hakala, the Calm and Tranquil stamp won the first prize in the Best Stamps of the World competition organised in Spain.

The international jury consisted of philatelists from 37 countries, who commented that the stamp “represents the calm and tranquility of Finnish nature”. All in all, the jury picked winners for 11 categories, with Calm and Tranquil nabbing the first prize in the main one.

“The main prize in the NexoFil competition once again demonstrates the appreciation of Finnish stamps globally,” said Posti’s design manager Tommi Kantola. “Awards are always happy surprises that encourage us to perform better and keep the level high.”

Other notable award recipients included an oak-shaped stamp from Austria made out of oak veneer, which was recognised as the most originally shaped stamp, while the prize for the world’s most innovative stamp went to New Zealand for a stamp including plantable carrot seeds.

Published on 07.01.2019