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Finnish bioplastic companies applauded

Woodly’s wood-based packaging is used in Järvikylä’s potted herbs.Woodly

Four Finnish companies have been acknowledged in a ranking of bioplastic companies and brands by Bioplastic News.

The publication annually chooses the best bioplastic companies based on their performance on its monthly rankings. Usual suspects Neste, Metso and Stora Enso were all recognised for at least the second month running in the 131-company ranking in September.

Breaking ground on the list was newcomer Woodly, a Finnish startup developing a novel carbon-neutral plastic. “We are working tirelessly so that, in future, we will have a material that still resembles plastic but is more durable and ecological,” statedJaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.

The global demand for plastic will quadruple by 2050, according to Kaminen. Woodly believes that the answer lies not in radically reducing the demand but in altering the products. “[W]e can offer an alternative that makes it possible for the consumption to be more reasonable and environmental.”

Woodly’s product family is based on coniferous cellulose and offers a plastic-free alternative to different packaging solutions. The startup’s competitive edge emanates from its cost-effectiveness, technical properties and scalability; the products necessitate no new technological investments from manufacturers.

Check out our feature on Woodly from 2018.

By: Samuli Ojala