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Finland tops the charts in clean energy

Clean is good. Finland continues to punch above its weight – this time in clean energy innovation.Natura Viva / City of Helsinki

Finland has been named as the second-most significant contributor to clean-energy innovations relative to GDP.

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation has published a study ranking countries according to their input towards global prosperity and energy access. Finland came in second after Norway, just ahead of Japan and the US. The study ranked nations in terms of scale-up, option generation and social legitimation.

According to the study, Canada and Finland produce the largest number of high-impact cleantech startups relative to GDP. Finland also tops the ranking in public investments in clean energy research and development, as well as in generating the most new clean energy options for the world. In addition, Norway and Finland are mentioned as the only two countries that invest as much as experts recommend in energy research, investment and development.

The report is based on the Mission Innovation pledge made by the EU and 24 other countries, which have committed to doubling public investments in energy R&D and collaboration. The idea is to provide accountability for the commitments and to inspire more action in the field.

By: Samuli Ojala