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Exquance Software sets up joint proptech venture

Exquance and KATE operate in the emerging property technology sector and are combining their expertise to offer a full range of real estate advisory services.Shutterstock

Finnish firm Exquance Software and Dutch company KATE Innovations have started a joint venture to bring a new real estate valuation platform to the European market.

The two property technology companies announced the new joint venture, KATE-XQ, on 11 February, saying it will combine Exquance’s financial modelling platform with KATE’s data-driven workflow processing platform to offer a full range of real estate advisory services.

KATE-XQ will employ more than 30 developers across its four offices in Europe – in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Helsinki, Finland, Frankfurt, Germany, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

“We have been looking for a while already for a partner that offers certified calculation models in a digital environment that is both flexible and transparent,” said Erik Schlooz, managing director of KATE Innovations, in a press release. “Exquance offers the best solution that we have seen so far. By integrating artificial intelligence and the calculation models of Exquance in KATE’s platform, we are able to offer the European market the ultimate valuation platform.”

Published on 13.02.2019