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EUR 1.5 million feeds Dagsmark Petfood

The product is fully Finnish.Dagsmark Petfood

The Finnish pet food company has received a significant investment from English Tea Room, which is part of the Paulig Group.

Dagsmark has had serious momentum since its founding in 2016. During its first four months of operations, the company banked 500 000 euros in revenue and raised 600 000 euros in capital investments. The new investment will be used to develop and broaden the product range to increase growth.

“This year we’re aiming to double our revenue,” said Laura Strömberg, CEO of Dagsmark. “We’ll get there by increasing our brand awareness and bringing new products to the markets.”

The company is targeting an eco-conscious segment of consumers, mostly in Finland but also overseas. Russia and Estonia are currently considered the first steps toward internationalisation. “As Finnish food is world-famous for its purity and high quality, it can be trusted elsewhere too,” Strömber told us in 2018.

Dagsmark is not alone in its eco-friendly approach to pet food.

“There’s a positive growth trend going on in the pet markets. We wanted to support a domestic and environment-friendly option,” commented Patrik Hertsberg, CEO of English Tea Room.

By: Samuli Ojala