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Digital Goodie takes British groceries online

Co-op runs over 2 600 food stores and has an annual revenue of 9.5 billion pounds.Digital Goodie

Finnish retail software technology provider Digital Goodie has agreed on a technology partnership with British consumer co-operative giant Co-op to develop an online grocery shop and home delivery service.

Co-op has already launched the online shop and home delivery service, which runs on Digital Goodie’s software-as-a-service platform, Connected Commerce. The idea of the platform is to enable retailers to run their business – from shopping and payments to logistics – completely online. Co-op’s personalised e-commerce website allows customers to order products and get them delivered to their doorstep in less than two hours.

“Co-op’s strong focus on digitalisation and their agile approach to development put them in a perfect position to deploy new online services,” explained Moris Chemtov, CEO at Digital Goodie. “Our mission is to help retailers make their e-commerce simple, by connecting the online and brick-and-mortar channels to one seamless and simple user experience.”

The gradual roll-out of the digital service started within a four-kilometre radius of a shop in central London in March 2019. An additional eight shops will integrate the service into their business, while plans for bigger expansion into “a significant number of other UK towns and cities” are also afoot.

“Our new online shop and delivery service is an essential part of our expanding digital services to our customers,” commented Chris Conway, head of food digital at Co-op. “In this project, we have been very excited to work together with a modern and agile technology company such as Digital Goodie. The newly launched service is a result of our fruitful co-operation and agile development.”

The Co-op deal further strengthens the reach of Digital Goodie’s digital services in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Digital Goodie is backed by US-based e-commerce growth fund Black Dragon Capital.

By: Samuli Ojala