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Bad Santa liqueur ice cream to Germany

Bad Santa’s ice cream has some unusual flavours.Bad Santa

Finnish alcoholic ice cream manufacturer Bad Santa will start to sell its products in Germany.

Bad Santa’s ice cream flavours were first introduced to the German public at the Grüne Woche food festival in Berlin in January and will now be tested in German grocery shops.

“One of Germany’s largest food store chains, Edeka Group, will take our alcoholic ice creams for test sales in more than 30 stores during April,” saidJens Lönnqvist, CEO of Bad Santa. “We believe that our product will make a breakthrough on the German markets.”

Bad Santa started production in March 2018, after a new alcohol law was introduced in Finland. Its ice creams are currently sold in Finland and Estonia, and the company is also eyeing promising export opportunities in Sweden, Russia and elsewhere in Europe.

The ice creams range flavour-wise from honey rum and whisky coffee to salty liquorice and pear, and contain between 3.8 and 4.2 per cent of alcohol.

Learn how the idea for Bad Santa ice cream came about during a midnight DIY session in our feature article.

Published on 11.04.2019