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ArcDia licenses mariPOC technology in China

The mariPOC testing platform provides rapid diagnostics of acute infections.ArcDia

Finnish company ArcDia International has signed an exclusive licence agreement with Xinhua Healthcare for commercialising its mariPOC diagnostics technology in China.

ArcDia’s solution is a Finnish market leader in respiratory infections testing, which will now be commercialised in China with Xinhua Healthcare, a subsidiary of one of China’s largest medical device conglomerates.

The parties aim to meet the increasing demand for decentralised infection diagnostic services in China by localising the mariPOC testing platform for the country and ramping up production capacity.

“We are very excited about this deal and partnership with Xinhua Healthcare,” said Dr Aleksi Soini, CEO of ArcDia International. “ArcDia and Xinhua Healthcare are a perfect match and the agreement presents ArcDia with an opportunity to better serve the growing Chinese market. The Chinese government is investing heavily in health care, and I believe that China could become the leading country in infection management within a few years.”

“Moreover, this deal gives ArcDia a significant scale advantage, which also improves the competitiveness of the mariPOC platform in western markets,” Dr Soini adds.

Published on 10.04.2019