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Altia finds drinks partner in Denmark

Conaxess Trade Beverages will become the exclusive distributor of Koskenkorva Vodka and other well-known Altia spirits brands in Denmark.Credits: : Altia

Finnish alcoholic beverage company Altia is entering into a strategic partnership with Conaxess Trade Beverages in Denmark.

Altia will transfer its domestic business in Denmark to Conaxess Trade Beverages, giving the Danish company an exclusive right to distribute and market its beverages in Denmark as of 20 May.

Conaxess Trade Beverages is an expert in the sales, marketing and distribution of international alcoholic brands, with a strong foothold in the Danish market.

“We are very much looking forward to enter [into] this strategic partnership with Conaxess Trade Beverages,” said Janne Halttunen, senior vice president of Scandinavia at Altia. “They have shown strategic and operational strength in Denmark, and we are looking forward to continuing the positive development of Altia brands. We strongly believe that this new setup gives possibilities to further grow Altia brands in Denmark.”

Altia’s most well-known spirits include Koskenkorva Vodka, O.P. Andersson aquavit, Brøndums aquavit and 1-Enkelt Bitter.

Published on 09.04.2019