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Alibaba is hungry for HKScan

HKScan is aiming to export a total of 3 000 tonnes of pork meat to China in 2019 and to double it by 2020.HKScan

Finnish meat product manufacturer HKScan has signed an agreement with Alibaba to bring omega-3 pork to the Chinese giant’s next-generation Hema supermarkets.

The agreement is a continuation of HKScan’s expansion to the country, which started with pork exports in spring 2018. HKScan is among a select few Finnish food companies that have been granted shelf life in Alibaba’s supermarket chain.

This is of course a significant step to HKScan, but getting into this very exclusive Hema league also paves the way for other clean and safe Finnish products,” saidJukka Nikkinen, head of exports at HKScan.

The Hema supermarket chain combines online and offline shopping. Customers stroll around the stores and, with a mobile app, fill their virtual carts with products, which will be delivered straight to the cashier or to their doorstep.

HKScan believes the Omega-3 Pork and Alibaba’s Hema concept are a win-win combination before the next step of expansion.

“[The] Hema chain stands out in the Chinese market with high-quality and exceptional products,” explained Nikkinen. “[Their] unique online store facilitates our branding efficiently and we get to tap into the right consumer segment.”

Distribution of the products will begin in Shanghai and nearby areas. In the future, HKScan is looking to expand to other large Chinese cities online and offline.

By: Samuli Ojala