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Zadaa raises EUR 2.3 million

The Finnish company was founded in 2015 and launched its service on markets the following year.Zadaa

Finnish second-hand fashion startup Zadaa has raised 2.3 million euros to expand to Germany, France and England.

The funding round was led by Helsinki-based Superhero Capital, which was drawn to the potential displayed by Zadaa by growing faster than expected.

Zadaa is a marketplace app that enables users to sell and buy clothes that fit. The company expanded to Denmark last year and has now over 200 000 users. It anticipates sales of 10 million euros this year through the app.

“We have developed the world’s best service for consumers to deliver items to other people without any company being in between the physical movement” explains Zadaa’s CEO Iiro Kormi. “We have everything integrated in our service so that users can sell and buy with one click.”

The capital boost follows successful rounds closed in 2017 and 2016.

Published on 08.05.2018