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YIT fixes national highway in Russia

YIT is one of the Nordic leaders in paving services.Credits: : YIT

Finland’s largest construction company YIT will renovate parts of the major M1 highway leading from Moscow in Russia to Minsk in Belarus.

The project was signed as a subcontract between YIT’s paving segment and Mostotrest-servis, and will take place on two stretches of the M1 highway south of the Russian city Gagarin, a two-hour drive from Moscow.

YIT will renovate a total of 15 kilometres of the M1 highway, with work set to start in April 2018 and continue until October 2019. The road renovation will require approximately 90 000 tonnes of asphalt mixture and the total value of the contract amounts to around 11.5 million euros.

The four-lane M1 highway is 450 kilometres long and connects Russia’s largest western industrial centres to its bordering countries. The highway sees heavy traffic of goods and passengers, and is also part of the European route E30 stretching all the way to the Netherlands.

YIT has two decades of experience in constructing and renovating roads behind it and is regularly awarded road renovation projects in Russia.

Published on 06.04.2018