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Yetitablet finds the right touch in Jordan

The Yetitablet has a variety of use cases, including construction, healthcare and education.Credits: : Yetitablet

A pilot project involving Finnish company Kuori’s Yetitablet has been met with an encouraging response in Jordan, underlining the tablet’s suitability as an orthodox teaching tool for the 21st-century classroom.

Yetitablet is a multipurpose 4K Android tablet that its creators Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen initially developed to help their own children learn about and communicate with the world. It runs on the Android operating system, guaranteeing a low-threshold experience. The tablet gives access to over three million apps and has multiple touch points for collaborative group work.

Yetitablet is a part of an ongoing project between Jordanian and Finnish edtech companies. Image: Yetitablet

Yetitablet is a part of an ongoing project between Jordanian and Finnish edtech companies, which recently introduced the tablet to the Middle Eastern state. During the visit, the tablet was introduced to a range of education providers, teachers and pupils in different parts of the country, and received favourable reactions and national coverage in Jordanian media.

Maria Jokelainen was pleased about the response, observing that “teachers realised immediately how the games we uploaded improve problem-solving skills and collaboration among students”. In addition to improving social skills, the tablet proved its versatility, being lauded for allowing “teachers and students to access a smart board, computer, Android tablet, smart table and traditional whiteboard through one device”, according to a release.

The project culminated in a co-lesson between students from Jordan and Finland, where the pupils worked together on joint tasks on their Yetitablets, challenging the traditional concept of group work.

Published on 03.05.2018