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VTT and Neonelektro develop flexible LED displays

The flexible LED displays are created by utilising the so called Roll to Roll process.VTT

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Finnish tech company Neonelektro have developed a new type of flexible, lightweight and energy efficient LED display as part of a EU-funded project.

The flexible LED displays were made possible by the so-called roll to roll process inspired by printing presses, which enables the mass production of electronics printed on flexible plastic or metal foil.

VTT developed the flexible LED base for the displays and refined it to become more productive, while Neonelektro contributed a RGB display element that could be produced using the roll to roll process.

“Flexible, lightweight and easy-to-customise led advertising enables dynamic design creation for wide-ranging or 3D-format based applications, fit for use in traffic for example,” explains project manager Eveliina Juntunen, from VTT, in a release.

VTT and Neonelektro developed the innovative LED displays as part of the OptIntegral project that concluded in the end of January and was funded by the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

“Interest in dynamic backlighting has grown dramatically during the project, and we have developed a new product family based on it,” comments Matti Koponen, responsible for product development at Neonelektro.

Published on 20.02.2018