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Virta charges ahead with E.ON

Virta and E.ON will connect electric vehicle users with thousands of intelligent charging stations across Europe.E.ON

Finnish electric vehicle (EV) charging provider Virta is collaborating with leading European energy company E.ON to create one of the largest EV charging networks in Europe.

Virta’s IT platform system will work as the digital backbone for the E.ON Drive charging network in Europe. It promises to improve accessibility and the user experience of E.ON’s network, making the switch to electric mobility more attractive for companies and private citizens.

In addition, Virta’s digital platform addresses the increased volatility in the energy network arising from growing demand for renewables by optimising the energy flow behind the charging stations, as well as reduces the cost for end users.

“Two-thirds of global combustion CO2 emissions are produced in the sectors of energy and transportation,” says Virta CEO Jussi Palola, in a release. “Electric vehicles reduce oil-based emissions on a significant scale and EV storage enables the increase of renewable energy resources globally. Our commitment is aligned with E.ON – to make intelligent charging services an industry standard.”

E.ON’s new EV charging solution powered by Virta has already been launched in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Romania, with launches in Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Norway set for later this year.

Published on 15.10.2018