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Valpas checks in EUR 500K

“The more hotels collaborate with Valpas, the happier and more sustainable travel will be for the whole world,” states Valpas CEO Martim Gois. Valpas

Finnish hardware startup Valpas Enterprises has raised 500 000 euros in seed funding to advance internationalisation and the mass production of its IoT bedbug solution for hotels.

The seed funding round was led by Maki.vc, with contributions from Icebreaker.vc and Reaktor Ventures.

Valpas prevents bedbug infestations with a set of smart IoT bed legs equipped with in-built bedbug traps and detection sensors. All hotels have to do is replace existing bed legs with Valpas’ smart bed legs to start monitoring eliminated bedbug incidents in real time.

Valpas’ smart bed legs keep hotel rooms safe from bed bugs. Image: Valpas

“Before, hotels haven’t really had any choice in exposing themselves and their guests to bedbugs,” says Martim Gois, CEO of Valpas, in a release. “Today, with Valpas, hotels have the choice to not be open for them.”

While the Finnish startup’s focus lies on the EMEA region, Valpas Collaborator hotels are also opening up in South America and South East Asia – where the whole idea stems from.

Interested to learn more about Valpas’ quest to squash the bedbug problem? Read our feature on the company here.

By: James O’Sullivan