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Valohai gets a leg-up from Microsoft

“As companies transfer to be fully data driven through machine learning, the early adopters will have an unfair advantage over latecomers,” says Valohai’s CEO Eero Laaksonen (left).Credits: : Valohai

Finnish startup Valohai has joined Microsoft’s ScaleUp programme, designed to boost sales for enterprises investing in deep learning.

The collaboration sees the companies strengthening the offering to Microsoft Azure’s enterprise customers with an AI focus. Previously known as Microsoft Accelerator, the Microsoft ScaleUp programme is designed for Series A startups and offers access to sales, marketing and technical support.

This is the second piece of significant news this year for Valohai, after it announced a 1.8 million-euro funding round. The company has created a platform that automates machine learning training and infrastructure for companies interested in leveraging machine learning to enhance their efficiency.

“What Valohai is doing for machine learning is super interesting and we see them as the best way on the market for building machine learning into a cornerstone of enterprises,” says Warwick Hill, managing director for Western Europe at Microsoft for Startups. “Our scaleup programme will be scaling Valohai’s offering both through our London office as well as through our other global offices to our customers everywhere.”

The collaboration will also be coordinated from Valohai’s San Francisco office.

Published on 05.10.2018