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Valio butter named best in class in Wisconsin

The butter was lauded especially for its superior flavour and consistent, high quality. Valio

The Finnish dairy giant has triumphed in the Unsalted Butter category at the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, US.

Its unsalted butter received a remarkable score of 99.70 points to overcome the other entries from dozens of leading butter brands in the world. The butter was lauded especially for its superior flavour and consistent, high quality guaranteed by the all but unrivalled butter-making expertise of Valio.

“Valio’s customers and consumers around the world appreciate not only the outstanding taste of Valio butter, but also the fact that it is made from pure, high-quality Finnish milk,” says Annamari Lammi, the director of international marketing at Valio.

“Our butter-making craftsmanship spans beyond a century,” she adds.

Valio reveals that butter is currently one of its most important export products and used by dairies, bakeries, ice cream makers, food processing companies and other industrial customers in more than 30 countries around the globe. Many French bakeries, for example, swear by the high quality of its butter, according to Lammi.

“Our French customers truly value the premium quality of our butter, and, in fact, they often say that our product is the Rolls Royce of butter,” she tells.

The traditional dairy manufacturer says it is eager to sharpen its focus also on international consumer markets. It won big also at the International Cheese Awards held in Nantwich, UK, in July, 2017, winning Gold in the Spreads category and Bronze in the Unsalted Butters category.

Published on 14.03.2018