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Vaisala strikes extension on Siemens co-operation

Vaisala and Siemens’s BLIDS service have been collaborating for 15 years on precise lightning detection.Vaisala

Finnish environmental and industrial measurement company Vaisala has extended its collaboration with German conglomerate Siemens’s Lightning Information Service (BLIDS).

Siemens has been using Vaisala’s lightning sensors since 2003 for its BLIDS service, which offers utility companies, turbine operators and insurance companies precise real-time data on lightning flashes for issuing early alerts, and identifying risks and fault causes.

“The large voltage spikes and electrical current associated with cloud-to-ground lightning create a variety of hazards for both people and property,” says Dr. Ryan Said, research scientist at Vaisala. “Due to these dangers, knowing the precise location and strength of each cloud-to-ground stroke is hugely beneficial to a variety of commercial and industrial applications.”

By 2020, BLIDS plans to set up six new stations fitted with Vaisala’s sensors.

“Vaisala’s lightning detection system delivers the best performance,” says Stephan Thern, head of BLIDS. “Thanks to the precise measurement technology, the sensors can be set up at distances of 350 kilometres apart without any problem, which significantly reduces the installation, operating and maintenance costs.”

Published on 27.07.2018