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Uponor’s joint venture Phyn controls the water flow

The Phyn Plus water monitoring system alerts homeowners of changes in normal water usage, via a mobile app.Screenshot / Phyn

Phyn, the joint venture of Finnish Uponor and American company Belkin International, is set to launch an intelligent water monitoring solution on the US market.

Uponor and Belkin International founded Phyn together in 2016, in order to develop pioneering solutions in water sensing and conservation technology for buildings.

Phyn is now ready to introduce its first product, the Phyn Plus smart water monitoring system, in the US come spring. Phyn Plus measures fluctuations in water pressure and alerts homeowners, via a mobile app, of abnormal water usage. It then automatically turns off the water in case of a major leak. A European launch is slated for 2019.

“Phyn’s intelligent water solution, Phyn Plus, is a great addition to Uponor’s product offering and fully in line with our strategic goals in terms of digitalisation and sustainability,” says Jyri Luomakoski, president and CEO of Uponor. “Phyn Plus protects house owners from leaks, conserves water and enhances our way of using water.”

Uponor is increasing its focus in the US market, after acquiring a 22 000-square metre manufacturing facility last year in Hutchinson, Minnesota, to meet growing demand.

Published on 10.01.2018