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Unisport makes a play in Denmark

Virklund Sport’s high-class indoor products and services are a welcome addition to Unisport’s product portfolio in sport facilities and business areas.Unisport

Finnish sports facility one-stop-shop service partner Unisport has acquired a substantial part of the business and assets from Virklund Sport’s bankruptcy estate.

The move sees Unisport strengthen its position not only in Denmark but also in the whole Nordic market, where it is the market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment.

According to Unisport CEO Mikko Kilpeläinen, the Danish market has a very positive outlook in future across a number of sport facility projects. The company thus sees potential in consolidating the indoor and outdoor markets.

“Our purpose is to make people move and offer better facilities and conditions for athletes and spectators,” Kilpeläinen adds. “By combining Unisport’s and Virklund Sport’s excellencies we are moving one step closer for our vision to have a healthier society.”

Virklund Sport has a strong presence in the Danish market, with 60 years of experience. The acquired business will continue under Unisport Scandinavia ApS in Denmark. Unisport maintains Virklund Sport as a commercial brand name for products and services.

Published on 20.02.2018