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Valohai gets cash injection of EUR 1.8 million

The Valohai team provides a machine learning platform-as-a-service.Valohai

Turku-based platform-as-a-service company Valohai has landed funding that will be used to help international companies to accelerate machine learning development and scale their model deployment.

The funding round was led by Superhero Capital, with contributions also from Reaktor Ventures and Business Finland.

Valohai has developed a platform that automates machine learning training and infrastructure for companies interested in leveraging machine learning to enhance their efficiency. The scalable platform enables companies to run several variations of machine learning ideas simultaneously, thus allowing developers to sharpen their focus on research.

Eero Laaksonen, the chief executive and co-founder of Valohai, points out in a press release that companies dipping into machine learning must currently build notable overhead infrastructures before being able to utilise deep learning to solve actual problems.

“By providing a standardised infrastructure and workflow, we help companies focus on the actual business-driving machine learning models instead of the infrastructure,” he says.

“Valohai has enabled us to significantly speed up the development process of our autonomous model ferry project,” tells Marko Sibakov, a business development director at Reaktor Ventures.

The platform also differs from many other machine learning environments in that it is able to track changes, build reproducible algorithms and ensure changes in team composition do not become an obstacle to experimentation. 

“Uniform workflows and collaboration tools will play a pivotal role in guiding machine learning solutions to the next level,” says Juha Ruohonen, a founding partner at Superhero Capital. “Valohai’s collaborative tool means data professionals can work together towards a common goal and create the next big thing for machine learning and artificial intelligence.”


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Published on 27.03.2018