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Trafi develops Digital Driving License prototype

The digital driving license keeps user image and information up to date.HIQ

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi, has designed a Digital Driving License prototype together with technology firm HIQ and Helsinki-based design and development agency Great Apes.

The Digital Driving License uses two information security levels, visual security and backend security. The visual security prevents motion capture frauds with a digital water mark combined with a continuously animated background.

User image and information is also kept up to date to make identification easier, and the visual level security can be altered in case a of a breech.

“This is a very exciting project and a perfect example of how we can use technology, design and creativity to really simplify everyday life for millions of people,” saysErik Ridman, head of communications at HiQ.

Backend security on the other hand, includes a QR code where the user can choose what information to include, and a traditional barcode with the same data content as a physical driving license.

The prototype has been further developed by one of Trafi’s partners, with whom Trafi is now continuing the beta test phase.

Published on 30.01.2018