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Tieto and PopInWork partner up in Sweden

“We have a close collaboration to provide more businesses with the opportunity to discover the power of intelligent and empathic offices, and to experience how technology can improve both efficiency and the working environment,” states Tomi Teikko, the director of intelligent building at Tieto,Per Nordin

Tieto expects the collaboration to pave the way for a transition towards smarter and more empathetic workplaces in Sweden.

PopInWork has become the first organisation in Sweden to implement Tieto Empathic Building, a technological solution that utilises real-time visualisation and user data analysis to optimise and enhance the work environment.

The solution enables employees to find available rooms, locate their co-workers, and customise their work day and environment according to their own needs.

PopInWork opened its first activity-based member office in Stockholm in November. Image: PopInWork

“Tieto’s solution allows us to be innovative and provide smart solutions that give our members direct access to the right expertise, right colleagues and right places,” summarisesKarin Ståhl, one of the co-founders of what is the first activity-based member office in Sweden.

All members will be able to determine when and what kind of information they are willing to share with their co-workers. They can access the information with their handsets or through a number of interactive screens installed around the office.

PopInWork, which opened its first activity-based member office in Stockholm in November, can utilise the solution also to analyse and optimise the use of its office space in real time and, as a result, improve the overall experience for its members, according to Ståhl.

The newly opened facility will also function as a showroom for Tieto in Sweden.

Published on 06.02.2018