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TeacherGaming raises USD 1.6 million

TeacherGaming elevates teaching and student engagement by pairing popular games with powerful pedagogical and analytical tools.TeacherGaming

Finnish educational technology startup TeacherGaming is tipped to bring even more blockbuster games into the classroom, after raising 1.6 million US dollars in seed funding.

The funding round was led by venture capital firm Makers Fund, with additional investments from Founders Factory and a number of high net worth angel investors.

TeacherGaming will use the funding to support the company’s sales and marketing efforts, fuel co-creation programmes and pilot schemes with schools around the world.

“The team at TeacherGaming is one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable teams in making learning fun,” comments Michael Cheung, partner at Makers Fund, in a press release. “With their experience in education and partnerships with top publishers, we believe TeacherGaming will grow to be the leading educational games platform.”

TeacherGaming is currently engaged with 30 independent game developers and publishers, with a combined player base exceeding 100 million people. It also launched its online subscription service in July 2017, to which more than 3 500 educators from 84 countries have signed up.

Published on 29.01.2018