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SnapSkan makes tyre checks easy

SnapSkan scanner ramps automatically measure the tread depth of tyres and sends the information directly to the drivers’ smart device.Nokian Tyres

Finnish company Nokian Tyres and its subsidiary Vianor have developed a digital service called SnapSkan that makes tyre condition checking and monitoring quick and convenient.

Located at parking garage exits and entries, SnapSkan scanners use the latest 3D scanning technology to automatically scan car tyres and, with the drivers’ consent, sends them a digital report on their tyres’ condition for free.

It’s the world’s first fully automatic tyre scanning service available on public locations, and, after successful trials with the technology, Nokian Tyres will now commence its domestic and international expansion.

“SnapSkan is a unique consumer service and it sets us apart from other tyre manufacturers,” says Hille Korhonen, president and CEO of Nokian Tyres. “SnapSkan allows us to communicate to the drivers not only the condition of their tyres, but also what effects the condition has on road safety in general.”

This week four new SnapSkan service points will be opened at parking garages around Finland, and the first international service point will be introduced in Oslo, Norway.

Published on 18.05.2018