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Slush-winner Meeshkan raises EUR 370K

The Meeshkan team is currently looking to grow in numbers. Meeshkan

The Finnish startup has announced it raised 370 000 euros in a pre-seed funding round earlier this year from significant investors for its machine learning tool for developers.

The pre-seed investors included Risto Siilasmaa and Kim Groop (First Fellow Partners), Ali Omar, Futuristic.vc and The Nordic Web Ventures.

Meeshkan’s first product is the chatops bot available on Slack, which enables machine learning developers to speed up their work by monitoring and tweaking the training of their machine learning models in real time.

“For ML engineers, we found that they spent hours on Slack discussing what to do with their models but had to resort to arcane and byzantine hacks to apply, document and archive these changes,” Meeshkan founder Mike Solomon commented in a TechCruch article. “We made a simple bot where teams can turn their discussions on Slack about things like changing a learning rate or a batch size into action, right from Slack. From this simple idea, the floodgates opened.”

Meeshkan’s flagship product helped the startup to secure first place in the Slush 100 Pitching Competition at Slush, the leading startup event hosted in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, earlier this month.

The Finnish startup will use the pre-seed funding to further develop the chatops bot, as well as towards new associated tools.

Published on 18.12.2018