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Sitra awarded for circular economy contribution

The Circulars Awards recognise individuals and organisations across the globe that are making notable contributions to the circular economy.Sitra

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has won the public-sector category of the Circulars Awards, for its pioneering work to accelerate the world’s transition to a circular economy.

Sitra collaborates with partners from different sectors of business and society, in order to research, trial and implement new ideas that will shape a more sustainable future. Its efforts did not go unrecognised at this year’s Circulars Awards.

The innovation fund has also been instrumental in driving Finland’s pioneering pursuits in the global circular economy.

After Sitra created the world’s first national road map towards a circular economy for Finland, the Government of Finland co-launched a national action program with Sitra to implement the ideas in practice. Finland has also included the circular economy in the curriculum for a variety of education, from primary schools to universities.

“We want to thank our partners for the great collaboration we’ve had on the circular economy,” says Sitra director Mari Pantsar. “Without the close co-operation, we would not be able to succeed in our initiatives. Finland is a great testing ground for initiatives, but the best solutions need to be implemented globally to achieve a truly circular economy.”

In addition to national initiatives, Sitra has created the Circular Economy Steering Group to support the EU’s shift towards a circular economy. It also organised the first World Circular Economy Forum in Finland last year, gathering key business representatives, policymakers and experts on the circular economy from almost 100 countries.

This year, the event will be co-hosted by Sitra and the Ministry of Japan in Yokohama, Japan, before returning to Helsinki again in 2019.

Published on 23.01.2018