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San Fransisco is golden for Ron and Tom

One Eyed Spirits keeps the awards coming.One Eyed Spirits

Tom of Finland Organic Vodka and Ron de Jeremy Rum continue their international spree of recognition with gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Ron’s XO Rum claimed double gold and Tom gold at the esteemed event, while Ron’s Reserva placed just below the top podium. Olli Hietalahti, CEO of One Eyed Spirits and Spirit of Tom, hasn’t let the success go to his head: “Hard, uncompromising work and keeping off the beaten track is our recipe for success. The unique branding, accompanied with the world-class liquid, makes people smile,” he states in a press release.

One Eyed Spirits and Spirit of Tom manage the branding and international operations of the Tom of Finland Organic Vodka and Ron de Jeremy Rum. The international profile of the company continues to grow, with the products now being distributed to 30 countries.

This latest announcement comes on the heels of the duo winning their respective categories at London’s World Drinks Awards, shortly after Tom’s launch in the UK. The flurry of recent success also includes selection as one of Drinks International Magazine’s top 10 trending rums, which was voted for by the best bartenders in the world. As for Tom, the Chicago-based Tasting Institute Design Competition also awarded it gold for its bottle design.

In addition to an identifiable brand and hard work ethic, the recipe for success is fundamentally based on the secret recipes cooked up in Lignell & Piispanen’s distillery in Kuopio, Finland, which continues to produce high-quality products. “I am especially thrilled with the success of our latest brand, Tom of Finland Organic Vodka. The combination of organic wheat and organic rye clearly pleases the taste buds of the most meticulous tasters in the world,” Hietalahti rejoices.

Published on 09.05.2018