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Ruuvi and Streamr partner to monetise sensor data

RuuviTags are open-source sensor beacons that are used for collecting data such as temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and acceleration. Ruuvi

Finnish electronics company Ruuvi is to create the world’s largest monetised open-source sensor community together with Swiss-based real-time data platform Streamr.

The more than 1 000 companies and thousands of people that use Ruuvi’s popular Bluetooth sensors, RuuviTags, will be able to sell the data they’ve collected to interested parties through Streamr’s peer-to-peer marketplace.

The potential buyers may include research institutes, local authorities, and developers, and the data sellers can also opt to turn their trades into smart contracts through the decentralised Ethereum network.

“This partnership with Ruuvi is something I’ve been excited about brokering since last year,” says Streamr CEO Henri Pihkala, in a press release. “Ruuvi have not only pioneered open source IoT, they are also setting a standard in design and functionality when it comes to IoT beacons. Ruuvi’s community is incredibly lively and continually growing, so we can’t wait to give their users the ability to monetise the data they create, at the click of a button.”

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Published on 16.04.2018