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Rundit funded for EUR 850K

Finnish investor reporting tool Rundit is free to use for companies, and only becomes subject to charge for angel and private equity investors after 5 portfolio companies. Screenshot/Rundit

Rundit, the Finnish startup behind an online service that eases communication between investors and non-listed companies, has just secured 850 000 euros in funding.

Rundit was granted 350 000 euros by Business Finland, while the other investors included Polkuni, TZ Capital Partners, Petri Kuusisto and Piela Venture Partners.

Founded in 2017, the Finnish startup’s shares have already been taken up by most of Finland’s major private equity investors, such as Inventure, Superhero and Icebreaker, and also many private equity investors from Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the US.

“We noticed how time-consuming and even painful it was for company founders to communicate their company progress,” Rundit CEO Jori Karstikko says in a press release. “This was despite the fact that the better informed your investors are, the more certain you can be of their help – and not just in the form of money, but also in opening up new networks and even in sales and recruitment.”

“Rundit helps the company to maintain contact with investors,” Karstikko continues. “News and key figures can be sent to all parties at once, and founders can easily choose who will receive what information.”

The Finnish startup also aims to broaden its scope to include the media in the future, so reporters can stay informed of a company’s progress through its service.

Rundit currently has nine employees and expects a turnover of 1.5 million euros next year.


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Published on 31.08.2018