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Restamax expands to Denmark

Founded in 2010, Cock’s & Cows operates a hamburger and party bar concept.Restamax

Finnish restaurant business and labour hire services group Restamax has established a subsidiary, Restamax Operations Denmark.

The company is set to acquire over 90 per cent of the popular Danish Cock’s & Cows and The Bird companies, which currently operate a total of 11 restaurants and bars in Copenhagen.

“The Danish restaurant market of some eight billion euros is extremely competitive, yet significantly more fragmented than in Finland,” saysJuha Helminen, CEO of Restamax. “Cock’s & Cows and The Bird are extremely successful and popular concepts, which can also be scaled into other countries.”

Located in key areas, including Gammel Strand, Kødbyen and Tivoli, Cock’s & Cows operates a hamburger and party bar concept while The Bird is a gin and craft beer bar. This summer, both restaurant concepts will commence operations at Copenhagen Airport.

The founders of Cock’s & Cows and The Bird, Lasse Wiwe and Daniel Knuttel, will work as partners for Restamax Operations Denmark.

“Their knowhow and market knowledge create a solid foundation for our company to grow in Copenhagen, more widely in Denmark and possibly in other Northern European countries too. We see significant potential in the nightclub and entertainment restaurant business in Denmark. In addition, this co-operation makes it possible for Restamax to expand its own concepts into Denmark,” Helminen adds.

Restamax’s company portfolio includes more than 130 restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment centres around Finland.

Published on 26.03.2018