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Qt partners with US-based MedAquity

Qt helps MedTech companies stay ahead of the curve in medical device development.Screenshot/Qt Company

Finnish software firm Qt has formed a partnership with US-based MedAquity to help its clients speed up time-to-market of their medical device products.

The partnership will combine Qt’s highly efficient software development framework with MedAquity’s expertise in delivering safety-critical software engineering services for the medical technology industry.

The industry is in the midst of tremendous change with an increasing number of embedded devices and the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT). This requires a more complex development process, as companies need to think of how medical devices will work together rather than develop one device at a time.

“With the constantly changing ecosystem of the medical industry, The Qt Company’s software development framework strives to help medical device manufacturers get to market faster than ever before with the safest and most effective medical devices,” says senior product manager Roger Mazzella.

“Through our partnership with MedAcuity, we are combining industry-leading technology with best-in-class, ISO 13485-certified software development expertise, to deliver a complete MedTech software development framework that is second to none,” Mazzella concludes.

Published on 02.08.2018