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Provad expands to Sweden

Provad Sweden’s country manager Jussi Mankki speaking before the audience here, thinks the importance of customer service cannot be stressed enough.Screenshot/Provad

Finnish customer service solutions provider Provad is expanding its operations to Sweden.

Provad has already secured two large customers in Sweden: customer services company K2C and financial sector group Svea Ekonomi.

Both companies will start using Provad’s customer service system and will make use of its different robotic solutions.

“When we can gather all communication channels on one platform and interface, we get an excellent overview of customer relationship management,” comments Markus Karlsson, contact centre manager at Svea Ekonomi.

The decision to expand to Sweden came naturally according to a blog post on Provad’s website, due to the company having Finnish customers operating in Sweden and the widespread recognition among Swedish businesses regarding the importance of progressive customer service systems.

“The importance of customer service cannot be stressed enough,” says Jussi Mankki, country manager of Provad Sweden. “On every level of any company, the significance of customer service on the business must be understood. A successful customer service requires a multi-channelled and flexible customer service system, capable of meeting today’s constantly changing customer expectations and demands.”

Published on 29.08.2018