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Playvation signs first major deal in China

The method has been designed specifically for three- to seven-year-old children – the optimal age for foreign language learning.Playvation

Hundreds of children at Saint Maria Parent-Child Kindergartens in Nanjing, China, will start learning a foreign language with Moomin Language School, a digital early language learning method developed by Finland’s Playvation.

Saint Maria Parent-Child Kindergartens combine traditional Chinese values and international early-childhood education philosophy to create an environment that places priority on the safe and holistic development of children.

“We lead the children to grow into global citizens, responsible for human happiness, respectful and appreciative of the diversity of human culture,” said Tamara N. Van, the chief education officer at Saint Maria.

The agreement was reached through co-operation with Touhula, a Finnish chain of daycare centres that uses the method to complement its early-childhood education expertise.

Moomin Language School is an effective research-based method for second language learning, offering tools for both independent and group learning. What sets the method apart from other digital learning methods is continuity: it features a several-year curriculum and narrative that develops as the children make progress, Anu Guttorm, the CEO of Playvation, toldGood News from Finland in September.

The method was recently adopted by another early-childhood specialist, Kipinä Kids, at its schools in Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.

Published on 14.11.2018