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Playmore Games lands over EUR 700K in funding

In future, Dized will allow players to not only learn the board games but allow updating of games with digital content, finding gaming groups and getting to know the hobby with ease.Playmore Games

Helsinki-based Playmore Games has closed a sizeable investment round, strengthening its bid to make board games more easily approachable.

Worth in excess of 700 000 euros, the funding will enable the company to put more resources toward the product development and internationalisation of its mobile application Dized. The app allows board gamers to start playing immediately without reading the rulebook and has attracted interest in the Central European and Northern American markets.

Dized helps players get on board as soon as possible. Image: Playmore Games

Playmore Games has built a toolset that allows the whole board gaming industry to participate in creating content for Dized.

“With this toolset, we will be able to very quickly serve all the hundreds of industry professionals and of course the millions of players who want to get full benefit out of their product,” states CEO Jouni Jussila. “Board games are better than they’ve ever been, and the large audience has started to pick up on this hobby. Our product is an excellent way to explore modern board gaming.”

Investors from three different continents contributed toward this latest funding boost, which follows a successful round announced in October last year.

Software and technology investor Trind VC and Latvian company Brain Games Publishing led the round. Members of the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) also took part, along with international operators such as board game manufacturer LongPack Asia Limited and Grey Fox Games from the US.

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Published on 03.09.2018