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Picosun makes repeat sales to major US customers

The PICOSUN P-300F system is Picosun’s flagship solution for the sub-300-mm manufacturing of semiconductor components.Picosun

Finnish Picosun Group, a leading provider of atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin-film coating technology for global industries, has made significant repeat sales of its PICOSUN P-300F production cluster tools to major US customers.

The PICOSUN P-300F system is designed for the production of integrated-circuit (IC) components such as microprocessors, memories, and hard drives, as well as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) found in various everyday applications such as mobile phones and cars.

These so-called semiconductor components are manufactured on silicon and compound semiconductor wafers, and the PICOSUN P-300F tools serve the increasingly important sub-300-mm manufacturing, especially for non-silicon-based devices.

According to Juhana Kostamo, managing director of Piosun, the company is most satisfied with the success of its P-300F cluster tools.

“Our customers have obtained unparalleled process results [with] them, and this excellent performance has now resulted in repeat sales of these tools to our key industrial customers,” Kostamo states. “The purity, uniformity, and barrier properties of the ALD films deposited in these systems fulfil the strictest requirements of today’s semiconductor industries, making the PICOSUS P-300F the tool of choice for the forerunners of semiconductor manufacturing.”

Published on 19.03.2018