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Oura Health raises USD 5 million

The Oura ring and mobile app evaluate sleep performance and provide users with daily actionable insights.Oura

Finnish sleep improvement platform Oura Health has raised five million US dollars from notable technology disruptors, athletes and creators.

The latest investment round was led by MSD Capital (Michael Dell) and attracted capital from high-profile names from across the tech, sports and creative industries, such as Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, ex-professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, actor Will Smith and author Neill Strauss.

“We are thrilled to have such a talented group of builders, champions and creators join us as investors,” saidHarpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Health. “It’s amazing to see how such a diverse group of investors all recognise the universal importance of sleep.”

The company has now raised more than 20 million US dollars. Image: Oura Health

Healthy progress

The latest funding brings total investments in the Finnish startup to more than 20 million US dollars.

Oura Health has developed the award-winning Oura Ring and app that track holistic sleep habits by measuring heart rate, body movement and temperature variation. The app also provides users with actionable insights, while Oura Cloud enables medical professionals and athletes to customise their analysis and sleep optimisation.

Published on 04.12.2018