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Nuuka’s software to improve ICA real estate

Nuuka will improve the efficiency and sustainability of ICA’s properties by collecting all the relevant data onto one platform.Loudspring

Finnish building management solution provider Nuuka has signed an agreement with ICA Real Estate to pilot its software to improve some of ICA’s assets.

The co-operation aims to evaluate how ICA can maintain its properties more efficiently and sustainably. ICA is a Swedish retailer with more than 170 commercial properties in the Nordic region.

Nuuka’s software enables users to analyse and optimise their total energy usage, improve indoor air quality by optimising air ventilation units, and utilise machine learning models to improve automation functions of buildings.

“By providing one unified platform with all the building data, Nuuka can add value to all types of real estate owners and to the different service providers, as well as to the tenants using the building,” saysSusanne Hedblom from Nuuka. “When you have all the data in one place, you can really optimise, improve and innovate in this space and significantly increase property values. We are very happy that ICA has selected us as a partner in this project.”

Cleantech investment company Loudspring has recently significantly increased its ownership in Nuuka due to the potential it sees in the digitalisation of real estate.

Published on 30.01.2018