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NHP Hanse Distribution drinks to Paloma Nordic’s success

According to Paloma Nordic, KEVEE is the ideal drink for air travellers as it actively prevents the effects of dehydration and its improved absorptive capabilities reduce the need for restroom breaks. KEVEE

Global German airline distributor NHP Hanse Distribution has signed an agreement with Paloma Nordic to include the KEVEE rehydration drink in its retail product range.

The retail and co-operation agreement sees NPH Hanse Distribution commence resales of the rehydration drink to its collaboration network, which includes 130 airlines. KEVEE is the first wellness drink in its product portfolio.

Launched in Finland in May this year, KEVEE enables air passengers to maintain a sufficient fluid balance and alleviate the symptoms of mild dehydration, thirst, headache, swollen limbs, fatigue, dry skin, and dryness in eyes and nasal cavities.

The lemon-flavoured drink contains sugar and salts in accordance with WHO’s recommendations and thus rehydrates much more efficiently than plain water.

“This product has great potential in air travel,” says CEO of NHP Hanse Distribution Nikolas Hogrefe, in a release. “KEVEE is the perfect solution for any air traveller, thanks to its ability to fight against symptoms. Also, the product cuts down the volume of plastic cups used during flights. We are very happy to start collaboration with the Finnish brand.”

Published on 13.09.2018