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MVision AI secures pre-seed investment

By applying AI to radiotherapy imaging, MVision AI reduces treatment planning time by 40 per cent, saves costs, and ultimately improves treatment results.Credits: : Screenshot / MVision

Finnish startup MVision AI has raised 620 000 euros in pre-seed funding to further develop its technology that improves various cancer treatments by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Participants in the investment round include Icebreaker.vc, Nuard Ventures, Asko Schrey and Otto Söderlund. Tekes, now part of Business Finland, also provided further product development funding for MVision AI.

The newly founded startup uses artificial intelligence and medical data from all around the world to improve cancer treatment, and is already piloting its AI solution with more than 10 hospitals in Finland, Estonia, and Singapore.

“We believe that artificial intelligence and cloud are democratising knowledge and access to medical information,” says MVision’s CEO and co-founder, Mahmudul Hasan, in a press release. “By making the information available in a scalable manner, patient care becomes dramatically cheaper than the current solutions.”

“Imagine if we could treat a person for example in Bangladesh, where I was born and raised, with the knowledge and expertise that a person is treated with here in Finland,” Hasan continues. “This is something we are aiming for.”


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Published on 23.05.2018