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Musopia makes FourChords easy with Yamaha

The Yamaha GigMaker includes all the essentials for the guitar beginner and is now also geared towards fun with Musopia’s FourChords app. Screenshot / Yamaha

Finnish music software development studio Musopia has partnered with Yamaha Guitars to include its FourChords mobile app in Yamaha’s GigMaker beginners package.

Musopia’s FourChords app has secured full licenses for more than 1 700 hits and classics, from the Beatles to Adele, arranged specifically with guitar beginners in mind.

A 30-day free trial of the FourChords app is now included in Yamaha’s GigMaker kit for beginners, which also includes a Yamaha acoustic or electric guitar (with a 20-watt amp), gig bag, strap, strings, picks, digital tuner and DVD guitar lessons.

“Musopia FourChords is a great example of how the digital revolution changes the way we learn music,” explains Musopia’s CEO Topi Löppönen. “Our partnership with Yamaha – the largest instrument manufacturer in the world – is a strategic one and it allows us to reach a significant number of new customers and help them enjoy their great Yamaha instruments.”

The FourChords app contains multiple chordal and fingering options optimised for all levels of guitar players, a karaoke-style display complete with lyrics, and ‘smart listening’ technology that provides feedback to the user.

Interested to learn how a Finnish heavy metal guitarist set out to make guitar playing easier and more fun for beginners? Our feature has the inside scoop on Musopia.

Published on 01.03.2018