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Moomin Language School lands in Morocco

The Moomin Language School blends digital learning with playful lessons.Playvation

Finnish edtech company Playvation has implemented its Moomin Language School concept in a kindergarten in Morocco together with Benabdallah Private School Group.

Moomin Language School is a digital early language learning method developed by Playvation that offers new game-like digital content every weekday and ready-made materials for playful lessons.

It uses short, five to 15-minute exercises to keep young children engaged with the aid of sounds, interactive images and animations. Starting out by teaching individual words and simple phrases, it moves on to more complex content at an individual pace.

The method has now been integrated into the daily activities of the Benabdallah kindergarten located in Marrakesh.

Finnish Ambassador Anne Vasara attended the launch of Moomin Language School at the kindergarten, where it has been well received by teachers and children, according to a release by Playvation.

The method was also recently integrated into kindergartens in China together with Touhula and into schools in Bahrain, Qatar and UAE through a co-operation with early-childhood specialist Kipinä Kids.

Moomin Language School is specifically designed for three to seven year-olds, an optimal age for foreign language learning. Image: Playvation
Published on 20.12.2018